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Microcontrollers are a unique tool in converting programming to physical movement or changes in equipment and prototypes of all kinds.

I personally recommend the Arduino boards as they have a goal of bringing technology to basic users who may not have a degree or a larger understanding of all of the processes.
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Project E-1

I am currently working on a project using an Arduino Uno R3 board to assist in running 4 motors that will help provide movement for a 4 legged all terrain vehicle prototype.

To reduce initial research costs I am using PVC pipe for the frame (the ultimate goal would be metal), and will start with a manual-person-powered unit to work out the kinks of motion and stress requirements. I don't have the funding for sensors and to build for the sake of building so this is the best method I have. I have run the sketches through my own decision-engine (my brain, haha) to reduce any common sense errors. I will work to load sketch pictures by November 1st and begin prototype construction shortly thereafter.

I'll include more discussion in the forum in the coming weeks as well and would love your feedback/input.

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